According to mundo Deportivo, Barcelona intends to extend Leonel Messi’s contract next season.
  • The Catalonia home club in studying the possibility of extending the contract of their number 10 which expires in 2021.
  • The club wants to enjoy the player for as long as possible and will be offering a new contract that ties him with them till 2022 and possibly 2023.

In a report on Mundo Deportivo focusing on barcelona’s intention to extend Leo’s contract, the writer brings out a clause in the contract the five time balloon d’or signed in November last year.

“The ’10’ of Barça has a clause according to which you can go free in 2020 if you do not go to an elite club” says the writer.

This has killed the hopes of quite a number of elite league clubs who were looking forward to sign the left footed genius. Messi might not be able to play for any of the clubs that have a great reputation in the game.

Messi who is presently 31, will be 34 by 2021 and 36 if he was to honor the to be signed contract. This could be an “eyes off” alert to all clubs thinking to sign the star for whatever reason.

The contract also defines a 700 million Euros release clause which is an impossible amount for a club to release in the present financial context of the game.

We also need to note that Xavi and Iniesta had this same clause in their contracts and could only join Qatar and Japan respectively.

The idea of Barcelona is that Messi hangs his boots in the new Camp Nou and within many years. The dealers in the sports area and the managers still believe he can maintain the top level beyond 2020 and 2021 and that is why they are already thinking about a proposal that convinces Leo to expand his relationship with Barcelona.

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